Jacqui brown

Jacqui Brown. Director, Lynn & Brown Lawyers is our Treasurer and she is looking for members to be in her working group !
Jacquie is a family lawyer and with co-director managing  a firm with 24 staff. Jacquie says she joined the WLWA Committee “ because I am a strong advocate for gender equality, and I have seen many instances in my career where this is still not occurring today”
The main project of the Treasurer’s working group has been reviewing the membership fees for 2018/29. The working group is also working on ;
  •  Preparing a guide of membership benefits.
  • Increasing membership levels
  • Preparing a comprehensive handover protocol for future treasurers, as this was not in place when I took over and made things very difficult. 
  • Working towards being in a position as an organisation to be able to have an admin person employed one day per week to alleviate the stress on committee members who are all very busy, which will better serve out members.
One thing we didn’t know about Jacquie is that she is related to two convicts who came out on the First Fleet, on one side of her family, and a first generation Australian on the other side of her family!
Her proudest achievement is her 8-year-old son, Morgan – whom she loves “to bits” !
Thanks Jacquie for your commitment to the cause and happy personality!

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