11. Adjust the KPIs. The typical strengths and stereotypes regarding what makes an ideal leader are still heavily masculine, meaning female leaders are seen as 'exceptions' rather than the 'norm'. We need to better appreciate the strengths, skills and attributes of women when determining a leader's 'performance'.

12. Highlight the benefits of gender equality. Improving the careers of women requires those in leadership to recognise how diversity, equality and closing the pay gap can actually benefit productivity. It's not just the 'right thing to do' it's the 'smart thing to do'. Businesses need to acknowledge the power and opportunity in diverse thought and leadership

13. Make work better for 'all', not just women. The things that need to change for women at work must benefit everyone, no matter what their life circumstances. Good work practices will be celebrated and better appreciated if their benefits can be utilised by all.

14. Appreciate the value of part time employees. Part time workers make a significant contribution to the economy and to employers everywhere. We need to better acknowledge this contribution, remove any stigma associated with those who work 'part time' and watch assumptions made about the ambitions and dedication of those who work differently.

15. Admit and accept there is a problem. There's conscious and unconscious bias still standing in the way of women. There's sexism and discrimination. Before we can hope to eliminate these, we need to accept there's a problem to know exactly what it is we're trying to address. Admitting there's a problem also means appreciating the personal contribution we can make for change. Women need to support women. Women need to support men. Men need to support women and men need to support men. If we want to see change, we have to find a way to make change accessible for all.

16. More training for women. The call isn't for 'more education' but rather more training in areas that can directly contribute to opportunities -- such as in personal branding, taking a risk, actively promoting your skills. Meanwhile, some readers noted we should encourage more women to pursue degrees that provide entry into male-dominated industries.

17. Women need to step up. Yep, there's still a call for more women to take responsibility for their own careers and ambitions. As one reader put it: "[We need] women to see the value in themselves and what they bring to the table".

18. Acknowledge rural women. There is untapped female talent and skills in rural communities, women who are under-employed outside of our major metropolitan areas due to a lack of opportunities, self belief and outright discrimination. Some are starting excellent businesses that require better recognition.

19. More community, more support. This came from one reader, and we thought it was worthy of its own point. As she writes: "More creation of community, breaking down the idea of being totally sel-sufficient, especially for single women".

And the final thing that needs to change for women?

20. Give men wombs. That was one suggestion.... And wouldn't that make for an interesting 2015!

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